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Summer’s Frozen Delights

Summer is just around the corner and these tasty treats will satisfy your frozen dessert cravings! Somehow when it starts getting warmer, everything seems new and exciting. After surviving the cold for about 7 months, the sun seems sunnier, flowers seem prettier and frozen treats taste yummier. My sister and I have been on the lookout for a healthy frozen dessert that is naturally sweet without fake sugars. Since we love the creaminess of frozen yogurt and the richness of chocolate, we knew this chocolate banana recipe would be just right.


Slice up bananas and simply freeze those babies up! I like cutting them up into small pieces to eliminate that painful “brain freeze.”

Make them extra tasty by dipping them in melted dark chocolate. (Note: freeze the bananas before dipping to keep the chocolate from sliding off). Then add sprinkles or crushed nuts for a little more dazzle.

Tip: If you let the bananas warm up a bit before you take a bite, the consistency is more like the creamy Trader Joe’s Ice Cream Bon Bons. Yum!

Experiment! Let your taste buds be your guide…

How about dipping strawberries in yogurt? See the recipe on Flavilicious FitnessThe kinds of fruits you can freeze are endless: kiwis, blueberries, raspberries, etc. Dip in yogurt or chocolate. Have fun with it!

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