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Running Pains

When Your Body Screams “TLC!”

It’s Health Tip Tuesday and I’m sharing a personal tip that may seem like a “no brainer” to most, but regardless, it happens! Don’t run on an ankle you THINK is sprained. This was a mistake that cost me big time. Proper care for full recovery is definitely a key factor if you don’t want to be revisiting the same injury for the next 8 months.

Lesson Learned

After a sprained ankle during the October 2012 Nike Half Marathon (which is an awesome event, by the way), I was on the couch for a week icing and resting. Once I felt better, I couldn’t stand being a couch potato one day any longer! I eased my way back to my usual workouts. Facing months of on-and-off pain, I finally went to a shoe specialty store (Road Runners Sports) where they recommend proper shoes after a foot assessment and customize insoles. Presto! The new insoles and Asics seemed to do the trick.

Now we’re in the month of June and a simple hop-landing in just the “right” wrong way, sent me back to my October pain. I kept workouts light and once it again, felt better, I tried going back to normal. The following days running, performing yoga and walking were doing more harm that good. Now, looking down at my leg, the internal pain is visibly swollen and colors of (not so pretty) purples, blues and greens.

Fractured foot? Torn ligament? I’ll find out this week with a visit to the doctor. Moral of the story — treat yourself with TLC. Easier said than done, I know, I’m still working on it.

Little did I know that internally, my foot never really healed. If I had taken the time to really heal my foot in October, I could have avoided all of this. Hope I can spare you from making the same mistake! Happy running this week.

Reader’s Note: Yes, those are all my running shoes (rightfully adding a layer of dust). I’m addicted to them!


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