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Time to Fly, Ciao Italia!

You know when it’s official when you buy the flight tickets. There it is; date set, time set. My sister and I are going to visit our families (on our paternal and maternal side) in Italy for the first time! I can count on the many site-seeing excursions, but the most exciting part will be experiencing a regular day through the eyes of the Italians. With the guidance of our native families, we will partake in scenic hiking, ravioli making and cappuccino sipping. That’s what I’m looking forward to the most — living like an Italian.

Some of you may be seasoned travelers and buying flight tickets are a breeze, but if you’re like me, it’s an intimidating process. What’s the best departure/arrival times, best price, best city to fly into and the best airtime. Basically, I want the best flight. Just a few changes can get you better flights, while also staying with your plan:

Photo Credit: Wexas Travel

Kayak, Orbitz, eDreams
    • Value-conscious traveler? These flight finders source any and all tickets (I especially like the feature that pulls comparisons three days before and after your departure date.
    • eDreams is a good resource to find flights with Ryanair, who provides super cheap flights.
Change the location of your airport (even different country!)
    • We were patient and waiting to confirm dates, but the prices weren’t! What were once 15 hour flights are now 30 hours, with two stops and $300 more.
    • Instead of flying into Milan, landing in Frankfurt means $200 cheaper and nonstop 11 hr. flights!
Use an additional flight or train
    • Ryanair has super cheap flights! $30.13 flight from Frankfurt to Milan. Now we’re talkin!
    • Another option would be taking a train to the destination spot. A nice way to see more.


  1. Larry Friedrich says

    Can I go too? Great premise. Hope you enjoy “being” Italian!

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