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Hello Sweet on Cinnamon Readers!

My name is Court and I normally blog over at Princessandthejog.com, check it out! But for today, I am excited to be writing to you all here!

I met Madalyn through a small online community called Elf for Health, which is group of people who have joined together to share a similar goal of keeping a focus on health while enjoying the holiday season. This group is organized thanks to the hard work of Elle and Lindsay.

Today I want to talk to you a little about healthy snacking. As a princess, I always like to carry healthy snacks with me to have on hand.

According to multiple sources, healthy snacks are a great way to keep blood sugar levels balanced. Planned healthy snacking keeps you focused and on track if you are trying to eat healthy, because it doesn’t allow your body time to miss food.

Here are some of my favorite go-to snacks:
  • Bag o’ nuts. The best kinds of nuts are nutrient-rich ones such as almonds or walnuts, which are both full of healthy fats as well as vitamins and minerals.
  • Greek Yogurt. I’m sure you are aware of the health benefits associated with yogurt, but I am particularly fond of Chobani Coconut flavored – it is just the right level of sweetness, with the same calcium, protein, and other powerful health benefits!
  • Cut up veggies – i.e. carrot sticks, celery, broccoli. I like to dress them up with Italian seasoning and olive oil for extra flavor. The olive oil provides a little bit of that healthy fat component as well, and the Italian seasoning gives your taste buds extra flavor, making your mouth think you are eating something more than just a carrot stick.

And my all-time favorite snack ….

  • Sliced apples with cinnamon. When I realized Madalyn’s blog name was Sweet on Cinnamon, I was so excited and knew that I would have to bring up my apples in this guest post. Cinnamon is one of my favorite go to spices, because it is so versatile. I put cinnamon in my coffee, in meat rub mixtures, and on my sliced apples.

Cinnamon is awesome because it acts as an anti-inflammatory, and helps to boost metabolism. As for my apples, I like to slice up a medium sized apple, and place them in a zip lock baggie. Then, I squirt in the juice of one slice of a lemon for freshness, and then sprinkle in about two teaspoons of cinnamon. Then I toss the apples around and make sure they are all fully coated.

The apples taste best if you can keep them cold, but I have left them in my purse all day before and they still taste good by mid-afternoon. Sometimes I even toss in a few almonds with the apples!

I hope that some of these ideas have helped to get your mind going thinking about healthy snacking. Keep in mind that the more you can plan for and prepare for your day, the better off you are going to be! We should all try to be realistic with ourselves. We all know that when 3:00 rolls around, we are going to be hungry; and instead of running for a vending machine, why not have something on hand that you’re excited about?

Like I said, be sure and check out my blog at Princessandthejog.com, I look forward to meeting all of you there J Feel free to get with me on social media as well. I’m on Facebook, Twiter, and Instagram.

Hope everyone has a happy HUMP day!!

Oh and a big special thank you to Madalyn for swapping blogs for the day with me and to Brianna for hosting the blog swap!


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