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Chocolate-Dunked Ginger Molasses Chews

It’s been a while since I’ve last posted—new job, new apartment and new cat! Wishing you a happy Monday, all the same, and I want to share a recipe with you that you’ll want to try soon. Very soon.

If you’ve ever reached for a cookie instead of a cupcake, you’re not alone! I prefer chewy over fluffy any day. Not to say there isn’t a cake I love out there, but sometimes I really crave a bite of a sweet, salty, soft cookie. The fact that you can easily personalize a cookie is fun and attractive. Nothing beats a chocolate addition, like this chocolate-dipped bad boy seen above. If I’m making it, I have to incorporate chocolate somehow, in some way. Ginger Molasses Chew just got dunked!

The best part of this recipe is the texture and SIZE of the cookies. (Well maybe the size was more of my doing, but as I say, exercise your will as the creator!). After combining all the ingredients and rolling (and tasting) the dough into balls, pop them into the oven. Keep a careful eye on them and make sure that they are golden brown on the bottom, but not over cooked. Always, always, think “underdone” for baking cookies. This is how the chewiness happens.

Follow this recipe from Table for Two, or your favorite molasses cookie recipe.

After melting Trader Joe’s dark chocolate—most cost-effective bar I’ve seen for quality and size—dunk half of your cookies and spread for an even and precise finish. For a festive “Let’s party!” cookie cake, shower colorful sprinkles on the warm chocolate before it hardens. Give the cookies a little pat, and then off they go into the fridge to harden.

Lastly, eat as is, or do what I did and make a cookie cake. I arranged the cookies on a cake plate and stuck candles on top. After my sister’s birthday promenade, they were devoured with no mercy. No cake cutting and no dirty plates, just cookie in hand…and sprinkles to spare.



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