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Remix Your Butter


Today I finished yet another jar of sunflower seed butter—the Sunbutter brand. My favorite nut butters are the ones you grind yourself, as far as I can get away from processed food, aka Jiffy brand. I haven’t seen a grind-it-yourself sunflower seed machine at a grocery store, so I took it upon myself to make my own sun butter this morning! It was amazingly easy, not to mention how fresh and good it tasted.

You’ll want a food processor, olive oil, salt, and sunflower seeds.

First, spread the seeds out on a non-stick pan. The more thinly layered, the more evenly it toasts. Set your oven on broil—high—and watch the seeds carefully until they are golden. You may need to disturb them with a spatula once or twice for an even toast. When you take them out to cook, they will continue to toast on the hot pan, so take them out sooner than you think!


Let the seeds cool and then place them in the food processor. Add 2 tablespoons of EVOO and grind the seeds. Keep adding 1 T at a time until the seed butter is moist and sticks together. It will be powdery if there isn’t enough oil. Add the amount of oil you want to get to the consistency you’re looking for (like your favorite nut butter).

I added 6 tablespoons, but that’s because I basically can drink olive oil…so good—on everything.

Next, add salt to taste.

sunGrinder copy


Now enjoy on bread, fruit, in smoothies, or by the spoonful! Or, how about sunbutter fingers? 🙂






  1. I finally have a vitamix so that I can, for one thing, make butters myself. But I keep forgetting about it! Thanks for the reminder. I’ve had that brand and it’s really yummy, but I want to taste home-made!

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