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Mint Cantaloupe Smoothie

Good morning! Here’s a healthy breakfast that will get your day going. It’s packed with nutrients to help keep you focused and working hard so that you can finish up work and start off your weekend early. Since my handy Ninja blender needed washing, I lugged my chunky food processor down from the cupboards to make today’s smoothie. Definitely worth the muscle—it’s that good! Cantaloupe is hands-down my favorite ingredient to add to smoothies because it’s not too sweet and provides juicy goodness so that you don’t have to add a lot of liquid. In addition, it’s loaded with nutritional benefits. One might call it a “wonder-fruit”. Here’s why:

  • High vitamin C = protects your cells from oxidation, prevents diseases
  • Ample amount of vitamin A = promotes cell growth, healthy skin
  • Good source of Potassium = increases metabolism
  • Natural diuretic = Reduces water retention

Below is the recipe for Mint Cantaloupe Smoothie, but you can easily swap out the cantaloupe and peach with any of your favorite fruits. Enjoy your Friday morning boost—cheers!


10 minutes | yields 1 serving

1/4 Cantaloupe
1/2 Peach
1/2 Frozen banana
1/3 C Almond milk
1 Bunch of mint


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