Year: 2016

Plantain Tacos (2 of 2) with Ground Turkey (Paleo, FODMAP)

You’ll notice the two Shrimp Taco pictures above look a little different from the ones below (Ground Turkey Tacos). Well, they are. I made them more than once (yes, they are that good!). The first night I made them with boiled green plantains so they were softer and easier to digest. That’s why I think they turned out darker than the yellowish ones, below. Advertisements

Plantain Tacos with Shrimp (Paleo and FODMAP) 1 of 2

Sometimes a night calls for tacos. You can probably guess how excited I was to find a recipe for taco shells that fit the Paleo and FODMAP diets (what I’m eating now on my journey to health). Here is a recipe that will knock your Paleo socks off: plantain tacos with shrimp. It’s a recipe that can be filled in many ways (stay tuned for another filling idea in my next post, you’ll get to use today’s leftover taco shells!). So easy to make, healthy and delicious—I just fell in love with plantains after eating this. If you’re not yet sure about the whole “Paleo thing”, this just might change your mind! I ran into this recipe from Fresh Tart, and I must say, it is quite tasty.   With a grain-free meal, find foods that will fill you up and replace hardy grains. After a class of Tae Bo (cardio boxing) this is just the meal that satisfies me. And the taco recipe is ridiculously easy! Five ingredients that make freezable leftovers (if need be). That’s what I call a quick, weeknight meal. I made these shells with boiled, …